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Find Fitness Equipment at Wholesale Prices

Fitness Equipments

Fitness Equipments, Fitness equipment is sold all over the high street and online and for resellers the industry presents plenty of profit making opportunities.

A report last year revealed that on average people in the UK spend nearly £1,000 a year on getting fit. The statistics included gym memberships, fitness clothing and gym equipment and accessories. And one of the biggest purchases in recent years has been home fitness equipment. With the average cost of a gym membership working out around £40 a month, most consumers prefer to spend out on a one-time investment and keep the equipment for a lifetime of working out. And even the fitness fans that attend a gym regularly will invest in fitness equipment to keep at some point in their life. Whether its barbells or fitness balls – there are plenty of options for consumers to buy.

For resellers looking to profit from this industry, here are some ideas of equipment which could be worth investing in. If found at the right wholesale price, the potential for profit on resale could be quite high.

Fitness Ball

Fitness balls are one of the most popular gym items both at home and in the gym. You can use them for a variety of exercises – stomach crunches, leg raises, core stability and muscle toning are just a few of the exercises you can do on a fitness ball.


Weights are one of the most popular home gym equipment pieces to buy. If you look at both high street sports retailers and online sports retailers you will see that many stock a variety of weights and multi-gyms. A few ideas of stock you could look out for include barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells. Fitness Equipments

Yoga Mat

Over 30 million people practice yoga world-wide and it’s big business in the UK. Fitness classes in gyms and fitness DVDs often focus around this ancient activity. Designed to help flexibility and core stability many people in the UK use yoga as a relaxation exercise. So for resellers this presents plenty of profit making opportunities as everyone who practices yoga needs a mat. Different makes and models retail for different prices but if you can find a wholesaler selling these at wholesale prices and selling them in a bulk – your opportunity to make a large return on investment will definitely increase. Fitness Equipments

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Find Makeup at Wholesale Prices

Find Makeup at Wholesale Prices

Find Makeup at Wholesale Prices, A study last year revealed that the average woman in the UK spends about £9,500 a year on make-up and so for resellers this is a profitable market to invest in.

Whether it’s moisturiser or concealer, this industry is certainly a money making opportunity for wholesale buyers as more and more consumers appear to be investing in cosmetics.

The team at Pallet Retails are aware just how popular this market is and have been looking for wholesalers that can offer competitive trade prices for products. Check below for the products the team have found at wholesale prices and find out what profit margins you could be making as a reseller:


Foundation is a staple part of every woman’s make-up bag and there are a variety of brands. Laura Mercier, Dior, Smash box and MAC are just a few of the designer brands that are popular and if found at a competitive wholesale price, they can offer a healthy return on investment. This wholesaler of designer cosmetics has had some very competitive deals on make-up and at one point the wholesaler was offering a job-lot of MAC loose powder for £228. At that price a reseller could secure a profit of over £200 per lot. There are a variety of high street brands that could be worth investing in too – Rimmel, L’Oreal and Revlon are all popular with consumers. Many wholesalers offer huge discounts on bulk purchases and with most high-street foundations selling for between £7 – £20, there are definitely some money making opportunities for resellers.


Mascara is bought all year round on the high street and many consumers look online to find deals on designer mascara. If you’re a reseller reselling online on sites like eBay then if you can find a designer brand at a competitive wholesale price and resell for a reasonable price, you should be able to resell in large volumes. Brands worth looking out for include MAC, Dior and Lancome. Find Makeup at Wholesale Prices

Eye Palettes

Eye shadow palettes come in all shapes and sizes but the team found a particularly good palette from one wholesaler offering a bargain. The team found one wholesale supplier offering a batch of 25 Smash box Pro Palettes for £212 – with a likely resale price of £400. Find Makeup at Wholesale Prices

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Profit from Wholesale Gym Kit and Fitness Fashion

Gym Kit and Fitness Fashion

Gym Kit and Fitness Fashion, The health and fitness industry in the UK is big business and is now worth an estimated £3.92 billion. For resellers looking to profit, this market certainly throws up some interesting money making opportunities.

A study earlier this year revealed that Brits are set to spend £2.8 billion this year to get into shape. Whether it’s paying for gym memberships, buying gym kit or investing in fitness equipment like dumbbells and barbells – consumers are willing to spend a fortune in the health and fitness arena. Gym Kit and Fitness Fashion

One particular area that could be very profitable is fitness fashion and clothing. The average consumer in Britain is apparently set to pay £76.50 on fitness equipment this year and about £56 on gym clothing. The survey revealed earlier this year that when it comes to the gym, looking good is a big priority for consumers. This could purely be due to keeping up with fashion trends or it could be that many consumers trying to get fit feel they need to fit in by purchasing the right attire. Either way it appears that fitness fashion is a booming market.

With this in mind the team at Pallet Retails set about looking for wholesalers specializing in gym clothing and fitness fashion. And there are a number of reliable wholesale suppliers offering bargains on both unbranded and designer clothing. Gym Kit and Fitness Fashion

There are a variety of clothing items worth looking out for in this market but there are a few brands and styles that are very popular. Nike undoubtedly make some of the best fitness fashion items around but in recent years the spotlight has been on their range of workout trainers. The Nike Free Runs are a popular shoe for many people in the fitness industry and the introduction of Nike ID trainers also made them extra-appealing to consumers. Nike IDs allow consumers to personalize their trainers by picking unique color designs and choosing personalized writing to go on the tongue of the shoes. But it’s not all about Nike trainers – there are lots of other popular brands including Adidas, Karrimor. Puma and Reebok.

There are a certain set of gym essentials that are guaranteed to resell well and they include trainers, training tops, sports bras, shorts and trousers. These are all essential gym kit needed by anyone that exercises regularly. It could also be worth looking at fitness accessories too like watches or GPS devices if you’re looking to specialize in reselling items from the fitness market.

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Where to Buy Wholesale Lighting

Where to Buy Wholesale Lighting

Where to Buy Wholesale Lighting, Lighting products are very popular for a variety of events. DIY weddings, garden decorations and parties are just a few occasions that might see consumers searching for lighting products and so for resellers this is certainly a market that could light up some profits.

There are a variety of lighting products on the market and it’s clearly a product that is experiencing a growth in sales. Lighting usually falls under the DIY or gardening market and, according to a recent survey, both of these markets have seen a rapid period of growth.

A report out earlier this year revealed that during April 2014 consumer spending had risen by a total of 3.7% compared to the previous year and the two markets that appeared to be experiencing the most growth were the DIY and gardening markets. Compared to the year before, online spending on DIY products rose by 44% whilst gardening centres all over the country saw an increase of 40% throughout their eCommerce websites.
So the figures clearly show there is a demand for DIY and gardening products and as lighting falls within this arena, the Wholesale Scout team wanted to look at what lighting products are available at trade price and what kind of return on investment they could offer. Where to Buy Wholesale Lighting

Firstly, the team identified the types of lighting products on the market and being sold by retailers:

Solar lighting – solar lighting items are popular for a variety of events and occasions. Many DIY weddings involve this type of lighting and many consumers also purchase solar lighting for garden decorations. You can find solar lighting in a number of styles including heart shaped solar lights, rock shaped solar lights and string solar lights that can be suspended on balconies and garden furniture. Where to Buy Wholesale Lighting

Fairy lights – these are bought in large volumes at Christmas time so if you’re a reseller looking to increase sales during December finding fairy lights at low prices could be a good idea. But these lights are also purchased all year round as decorative items.

Home lighting – there are a variety of home lighting products to invest in. Candles, fixed lighting and decorative lighting are just a few of the products you could be looking out for in this market.
The team at Wholesale Scout have found trusted wholesale suppliers offering lighting products like this at low trade prices. One wholesaler was offering single solar lights for 78p per unit – with a resale value of around £1.50 per unit. The team also found another supplier selling packs of 20 fairy lights for £2.55 and looking on eBay packs like this can resell for around £3.99.

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How to Improve Your Productivity

How to Improve Your Productivity

How to Improve Your Productivity, Running a successful reselling business takes a lot of commitment, especially if you’re working alone.

Keeping motivated is essential but it can be tough to motivate yourself every day.

But if you’re finding your workload isn’t being whittled down or you’re not sourcing and reselling as many products as you could be, then it could be time to look at your own productivity levels and to make some improvements to it. Here are a few ways you can improve your productivity and hopefully your profit margins too:

Set a To-Do-List

One of the best things you can do to help improve your productivity is to set a to-do-list. Writing down the tasks ahead of you can not only help you to maintain focus but it can also help you to set your priorities and hit your deadline. At the start of your working week set aside some time in the morning to plan out your weekly structure. Have you got any meetings to attend? Have you got a lot of packaging to get through? Do you need to take an afternoon out to visit the post office and post stock? Try to think of every single task you’ll be facing that week and write them all down. Next you can start to plan out your working week – planning different tasks for different days. Allocate yourself time slots to complete your tasks and once completed tick them off your to-do-list. This will help you to keep on top of your current work and will also make you feel more productive.

Take Regular Breaks

It sounds strange doesn’t it – breaks to be more productive? But regular breaks are essential. They are needed for health reasons (staring at a screen all day is never good) and they can also help you to maintain motivation. If you sit at your desk listing items on eBay all day you’ll probably find your motivation lacking and you’ll probably find that you’re not completing your tasks as efficiently as you could be. To maintain motivation work for a certain amount of time – for example one hour – and then take a short break to refresh and recharge your batteries.

Keep in Contact with Wholesalers

To increase your efficiency when it comes to purchasing goods you should try to stay in regular contact with wholesale suppliers. Keeping in touch with wholesalers will help you to be aware of product trends and the latest deals. Building a relationship with your wholesale suppliers should also mean you can negotiate prices more effectively which is obviously important for your all round profit making opportunities.

Keep Distractions at Bay

If you have your smart phone next to your desk all day then you could be tempted to catch up with your social media contacts and you could find yourself getting distracted. Try to minimize your distractions by setting a work place atmosphere. Have your work essentials around you and try to work in a quiet location where you can concentrate. This will not only make you more productive but it will also improve your work-life balance if you work from home.

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Find Baby Clothing and Products at Wholesale Prices

Baby Clothing at Wholesale Prices

Baby Clothing at Wholesale Prices, New parents spend thousands of pounds every year on baby clothing and products and as it can be such a valuable market, resellers should certainly consider stocking baby products throughout the year to give their profits a boost.

A study by insurance firm Aviva in 2012 revealed that the average family spend £1,370 a year preparing for their first baby – making this industry worth over £400 million a year to the UK. The survey found that the biggest spend was on essential baby products like pushchairs, baby clothes, bedding, car seats and nappies. Other products like popular toys and fashion items were also sought after by consumers but on average received less investment from parents buying products. Baby Clothing at Wholesale Prices

For resellers trying to make a return on investment it’s important to invest in stock that will be needed all year round and isn’t simply a ‘trend’. Although clothing and product trends can also bring in some healthy sales, focusing on inventory that is essential for new parents all year round will almost certainly guarantee steady sales.

The Wholesale Scout team have been looking for products that could resell throughout the year and found one wholesaler offering this baby monitor at well below its RRP. Baby monitors are seen as an essential purchase by new parents and so trying to resell this item for a competitive price could certainly attract some new customers. Buying baby clothes and reselling them should also present some profit making opportunities. Not only are clothing items like bibs and baby grows essential but there are also a lot of ‘on trend’ brands and outfits released regularly in the market. If you can find branded baby clothing at below the RRP then reselling on sites like eBay should see your sales increase. Baby Clothing at Wholesale Prices

If you’re a reseller that doesn’t mind taking a risk when it comes to product selection then investing in wholesale pallets could be a valuable move. Many wholesale suppliers offer pallets of goods in different markets. Each pallet is usually stocked with products from a specific market and can include end of season, clearance or returned stock. Although you can’t always check stock before you purchase a pallet you’ll usually find the pallet of goods being sold off for a very competitive price. Buying in bulk like this will usually mean your stock is being sold at well below the RRP – leaving you lots of opportunity to make a high profit margin. The Wholesale Scout team have previously found this wholesale pallet of liquidated nursery goods being sold off by one wholesaler. The RRP of the pallet was £2350 but the supplier was offering the pallet for only £587, presenting a large profit making opportunity.

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Buy Cycling Accessories at Wholesale Prices

Cycling Accessories at Wholesale Prices

Cycling Accessories at Wholesale Prices, The cycling industry has gone from strength to strength in the UK in recent years.

More people are participating in road cycling than ever before – with more and more over 50’s joining the market – and mountain biking continues to be a popular hobby for many extreme-sport enthusiasts across the country. Cycling Accessories at Wholesale Prices

The Wholesale Scout team are always on the lookout for trends or products that could make their members a profit and this is certainly a sector that could do that. A report issued last year revealed that the UK cycling industry is worth a whopping £2.9 billion – with the average cyclist spending around £230 a year on equipment and accessories. The market has been expanding year on year too and last year saw the market increase by 28% compared to the previous year. And with statistics revealing that 40% of UK households own a bike, it’s not difficult to see why this is such a big industry.

When researching this industry and its wholesale suppliers further, Pallet Retails research team found that the cycling accessories market is booming and potentially boasts lots of wholesale buying opportunities. The accessories market is valued at around £850 million so there’s plenty of room for even the smallest of resellers to purchase goods in this arena and make a healthy profit from it.

The team have found a number of wholesale suppliers of bicycles and accessories that could offer some great deals on accessories and equipment. So what products are worth looking out for? Whether a cyclist uses the sport for fitness occasionally or as a hobby regularly there are plenty of accessories within this market potentially worth sourcing at wholesale prices. Helmets, lights, bike pumps, clothing, gloves, water bottles, locks, panniers and racks and GPS trackers are just a few examples of the accessories you can purchase within this industry. If found at low trade prices (or bought in bulk) these items could provide a quick return on investment. Unlike other sports, cycling is popular all year round and is not only seasonal, so many cyclists will be looking to purchase accessories all year round. Cycling Accessories at Wholesale Prices

The number of branded bikes being sold to regular cyclists has also increased in recent years as more and more consumers have begun to take this sport more seriously. All over the UK road cyclists can be found cycling alone attempting to beat a personal best or cycling in groups as part of a cycling club – and this means there are lots of opportunities to buy and resell branded accessories and kit. Brands like Boardman, Specialized and Canyon are popular and for people riding bikes like this, spending a bit more on purchasing kit is quite common. Many cyclists will search online for the best deals so for resellers looking to maximize their reach, reselling online on sites like eBay and Amazon could certainly help with boosting sales. More experienced cyclists will often be looking for accessories to upgrade their bike including saddles, pedals and handlebars. These can all be found at trade price too by searching for the relevant wholesale suppliers.

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Buy Luggage at Wholesale Prices

Buy Luggage at Wholesale Prices

Buy Luggage at Wholesale Prices, Holiday season is still in full-force! Thousands of consumers all over the country have been packing their bags during the last couple of months and have been heading away – whether it’s for a trip abroad or a ‘staycation’ in the UK – holidays are certainly popular all year round.

Many people take holiday time at different times of the year but one of the most popular times for travel is during term-time. Many consumers avoid booking travel during the summer months as prices can hike up. Booking outside of term-time usually sees tour operators offering discounts on package holidays – so the next few months are sure to be busy as the school holidays have just ended.

The Wholesale Scout team are constantly trying to find profitable products for their members and the team keep a look out for both products and wholesalers that could help members increase their profits. And this is certainly an area that could see some profit making opportunities. Buy Luggage at Wholesale Prices

A study at the beginning of this year revealed that two thirds of Brits were planning to take a holiday this year, with the average Brit spending about £2,000. This figure includes holiday packages, holiday essentials and spending money. Although last year saw many consumers budget for holidays, this year seems a different story as only 16.9% of the people surveyed said they would be taking a ‘staycation’. The majority of travelers admitted they would be travelling abroad either on a beach break or city break.

The Wholesale Scout team is well aware of how profitable this industry can be so set about trying to find wholesalers of holiday essentials that could offer some great deals on holiday goods. But the team wanted to narrow their search to include some of the most popular items and one product area that is both popular and essential (and therefore bought regularly) is luggage. Consumers need luggage to travel and although it’s seen as an essential item, many consumers aren’t afraid to spend out on designer luggage. Burberry and Globe-Trotter are just a few examples of the designer brands that are sought after by consumers looking to spend more money on their luggage. Buy Luggage at Wholesale Prices

But for those looking to budget buy there are plenty of options out there – whether its luggage sets or a stand-alone suitcase – there’s a variety to choose. This area offers plenty of choice too as luggage can come in a variety of styles and materials.

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Fright Your Way into Some Halloween Profits

Making Profits From Hallowing

Making Profits From Hallowing, Halloween is big business in the UK, with consumers set to spend over £300 million on the event this year! And as it’s just around the corner this is an ideal time for resellers to start looking into wholesale buying opportunities.

Although Halloween is traditionally more popular in America, it seems during the past few years the season has become more and more popular with consumers in the UK. And one quick glance at high street retailers and stores will reinforce this. Supermarket chains all over the country invest in Halloween themed aisles – dedicating entire areas of their stores to selling Halloween fancy dress items and confectionary. And with consumers spending out big money on this occasion it’s not difficult to see why retailers invest in stock. Halloween is packed with profit making opportunities for both online and offline retailers. Making Profits From Hallowing

A study by Planet Retail showed just how popular this holiday is in the UK. In 2001 the Halloween industry was worth £12 million and this has risen significantly – to over £300 million. Halloween is now the third largest retail season after Christmas and Easter and the popularity of horror-themed movies and television shows is apparently a contributing factor to this holidays rising popularity. Either way, it’s glaringly obvious that Halloween is a potential money making opportunity so if you’re a reseller this is a market worth exploring. Making Profits From Hallowing

The team at Wholesale Scout have been researching the market to find out what kind of goods sell well and what goods can attract a healthy return on investment. There’s no doubt that costumes and fancy dress items are the most popular purchase at this time of year. Whether it’s finding an Edward Cullen outfit or Harry Potter wand, consumers all over the country seek out fancy dress items during Halloween. And, if found at the right wholesale prices, these items can bring in some healthy profits – with some costumes costing over £70 to purchase at RRP. Confectionary is stocked on most supermarket shelves at Halloween so investing in sweets, cakes or Halloween themed food products could certainly see your profits increasing too.

The team at Wholesale Scout have searched for wholesale suppliers that can offer deals on Halloween items and the team has found some great offers:

ProductDescriptionWholesale PriceLikely Re-Sale PriceProfit per 10 x Units
Blood Stained Chainsaw£1.99£4.99+£30
Skeleton Skin Suit for Halloween£9.99£24.99+£150
Grim Reaper Costume£14.99£29.99+£150
Kids Harry Potter Costume£8.99£17.99+£90

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Source Winter Products at Wholesale Prices

Winter Products at Wholesale Prices

Winter Products at Wholesale Prices, The cold has crept in and the days are getting darker which can mean only one thing…winter is here!

As Halloween and Bonfire night approach, thousands of consumers all over the country will be topping up their winter wardrobe, looking for new footwear and shopping for Christmas gifts. So for resellers this signals a clear buying opportunity – if bought at the right price, winter items can definitely bring in a healthy return on investment. Winter Products at Wholesale Prices

The Wholesale Scout team have been looking through winter items and have chosen some that are always popular at this time of year. There are plenty of wholesale suppliers within the wholesale directory too so finding stock at well below the RRP shouldn’t be a problem. Here are some product ideas and some ways you can secure the best prices on stock:


Clothing is popular all year round and high street retailers are always moving their clothing stock to make way for seasonal trends. And this time of year is no different. One glance at retailers will show you just how winter orientated fashion is now. Jumpers, hats, scarves, coats and boots are all making their way onto retailers shelves and this is the same for online retailers too. Big fashion items that tend to be popular with consumers include leather jackets and biker boots – so these could be two items worth focusing on if you’re a reseller trying to boost sales. If you contact a clothing wholesaler then be sure to find out how much you could save when buying in bulk.


Handbags are sold in large volumes at this time of year and usually consumers seek out larger, winter handbags during the colder months. The team at Wholesale Scout know just how lucrative this market can be and have found a number of wholesale suppliers specializing in designer handbags. Popular designers include Ted Baker, Radley’s and Vivienne Westwood. As a reseller, sourcing these products at low trade prices should certainly create some profit making opportunities this winter. Winter Products at Wholesale Prices


There was a time where onesies were impossible to buy. Now, they are all over the high street and they are sold by most online fashion retailers too. Onesies can either make a fashion statement or they can be bought for gifts and many retailers see their onesie stock deplete during the Christmas period.

Road Salt

Road salt is an essential item during the colder months in the UK. The weather notoriously turns much colder and the last few years have seen some horrific weather conditions and storms. Snow has also fallen in most parts of the country during the past few years, making road salt a necessity for many commuters especially those living in rural areas. Most wholesale suppliers that stock road salt can sell it in bulk – giving you a much better opportunity of buying at well below the RRP and adding a serious mark-up when it comes to resale.

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