Our Recommended Initiatives For Navigating The Pallet Market

Recommended Initiatives

Recommended Initiatives Align Yourself With a Reliable National Pallet Recycler

The most important step you can take during current and future market conditions is to ensure that you are aligned and sourcing pallets from a reliable national pallet recycler.

Having a reliable pallet recycler in your corner does not guarantee you will be protected from every single market condition, but it does help mitigate the effects market conditions will have on your supply chain.

As one of the most trusted pallet recyclers in the country, Kamps has had a “customer-first” approach to our operations for decades. Some of these approaches include customer-first inventory allocation and industry-leading inventory forecasting and reporting. Recommended Initiatives

Plan Ahead & Communicate

Planned and prudent communication with your pallet recycler / supplier are extremely important to ensure your supply chain is protected.

During current market conditions, lead times will naturally be extended. By communicating and forecasting your demand properly, pallet companies can ensure more comfortably that your orders are fulfilled as timely as possible.

Prudent communication is also important with your own customers. Communicating with customers that products may arrive on atypical pallets; such as a different grade of pallet, size, or overall composition will go a long way.


Navigating the current pallet market

Navigating the current pallet market As society continues to reopen, the pallet market is continuing to experience a shortage in the supply of wooden pallets and longer lead-times.

The Importance Of Pallets In Shipping

Pallets are an essential aspect of shipping. They are the unsung hero in the supply chain, and protect and contain products as they are moved along the supply chain. Pallets are a necessity for shipping and moving large quantities of products efficiently. Navigating the current pallet market

In the pallet industry, the motto “Pallets Move The World” is often used. We are now seeing just how true that statement is, with some delays across various industries being traced back to the lack of pallet inventory.

Factors Currently Influencing The Pallet Market

Currently, the pallet market is being influenced by six key factors.

  • Increased Lumber Pricing
  • Increased Fastener Pricing
  • Increased Labor Costs
  • Increased Transportation Costs
  • Pooled Pallet Shortage
  • Increased Demand on Recycled Pallets Market

All of these key factors are working together to not only affect pallet pricing and lead-times across the board, but also increase demand for recycled white-wood pallets – a product that is often looked at as a cost-effective solution.  This is, consequently, lowering the national availability of recycled pallets in the market. Now what we are seeing is the market coming around “full-circle” for recycled pallets, with demand overtaking supply and increasing the price pallet recyclers pay for used pallets (cores) and the market value of these pallets.

As your pallet experts, Pallet Retails has outlined three key initiatives your business can implement to help mitigate the effects of the current pallet market and similar conditions in the future.

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Tips On How To Take Good Care Of Your Company’s Wood Pallets

Pallets for sale

Pallets for sale , The pallet market is continuing to experience an unprecedented amount of demand for wood pallets that outweighs the industry’s overall supply, so business leaders everywhere are now being forced into going above and beyond to protect their pallet supplies from harm.

Reducing damages to your pallet supply is incredibly important when it comes to ensuring your greatest ROI on your pallet purchases, and your company’s forklift operators can help you in these ongoing pallet protection efforts. When forklifts are operated properly, they’re one of the safest and most efficient ways to handle wood pallets. But when one tiny mistake occurs, it can result in serious damages! Pallets for sale

Below we’ll be going over 5 tips to help you and your business take good care of your wood pallets and avoid unnecessary repair and replacement costs:

  1. Take it slow
    There’s no denying that we all live within a very fast-paced world, particularly when we’re at work. It’s always tempting to move around your warehouse or business facility as efficiently as possible (and at a high speed).

But when it comes to maneuvering wood pallets, both forklift operators and warehouse workers alike will benefit from taking it slow. Taking it slow while handling your pallets will protect the lead boards of your pallets, as well as the all-important products that are on top of your pallets! Pallets for sale Contact us

  1. Avoiding contact
    There will always be serious risks of pallet/product damage when a forklift operator doesn’t completely lower a pallet when placing it down next to a different unit load. Splintering is also another serious issue associated with wood pallets that should be avoided at all costs.

This is why you should make sure that your forklift operators and warehouse workers are always fully lowering your pallets as much as possible prior to placing them down on the ground, and that each unit load is properly separated.

  1. Accuracy is vital
    Whether you’re utilizing a forklift or pallet jack, you’ll need to cleanly and completely enter a pallet. Forklift and pallet jack tips can easily damage the blocks and stringers of a wood pallet when they’re carelessly inserted.

When a forklift’s tips are improperly inserted, it can also lead to an uneven weight distribution that puts your pallets and products at a much higher risk of incurring damages.

  1. Keep everything level
    Any kind of unevenness can lead to serious issues when lifting pallets and unit loads, and sometimes a forklift’s tips will be slightly angled and result in damages.

That’s why it’s critical to ensure that your forks are completely horizontal, which will go a long way in preventing broken boards and product issues of all types.

  1. Go one at a time
    Moving multiple unit loads or stacks of pallets all at once through the use of a forklift may seem like an efficient idea because it’ll save you time, but you should be very cautious and avoid this situation at all costs.

This practice is discouraged because it can damage your expensive forklift equipment, your pallets, your products and even other parts of your facility like your equipment and workers. Your forklift operator should always have a clear path of vision while they’re moving around, because when something or someone is out of an operator’s line of sight it can lead to problems.

So the safest thing to do is move just one unit load or pallet at a time.

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Immediate logistics solutions, whilst saving money & the planet

Advice For Choosing Pallets ,It’s time to switch to plastic pallets!

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Plastic pallets are available now and can be with you the next day. Not only that, they are durable and long lasting!

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Wood is expensive! Timber shortages mean that new wooden pallets cost as much as £25! This means that switching to plastic pallets could actually save you money!

Concerned about your business’s impact on the planet?

Our plastic pallets are made from recycled plastic. We also take responsibility for all of the products we supply and ensure that they are recycled at the end of their long life as part of a closed loop manufacturing process. There is also plenty of plastic in the world, unlike wood!

Advice For Choosing Pallets

The Benefits of Plastic Pallets:

✔ ISPM15 exempt
✔ Long lasting & durable
✔ Space saving when stacked
✔ Easy to wash and keep clean
✔ Impervious to moisture, keeps product clean and dry
✔ Environmentally friendly made from recycled plastic
✔ Available for immediate delivery

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