Apple Air Pod Pallets


Apple Air Pod Pallets

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Merchandise Condition:

UNTESTED CUSTOMER RETURNS – Inventory in UNTESTED condition is inventory that has been sold to an end user and returned through a retail storefront, manufacturer, website and/or distribution center. No testing or repairs have been attempted in our facilities on the listed products.

Typically, UNTESTED CUSTOMER RETURN inventory has a 75% plug and play success rate. That means that “most likely” 75% of the product will be in working order. This is not a guarantee that 75% of the product functions, it is simply an estimate based on previous experience with this type of inventory.


The manifest will not be 100% accurate but is used as a representation of the overall contents of the pallet and should be used as a close guide. Contents of what is included according to the manifest will have a degree of variance. We do our best to provide the most accurate manifest possible but will not credit for missing/not matching manifests since product is sold “AS IS”.


The packaging may be in various states including: new, opened, distressed and/or missing.



Status: Available
Condition: Clearance, Closeouts, Returns, Shelf Pulls
Approx number of pallets: 224
Distribution agreement required: Yes
Shipping Area: Worldwide
Truck Load/Pallet : $800 – $20,000

20 reviews for Apple Air Pod Pallets

  1. Sonia

    Best service !

  2. alda_bellerose

    They are so just wonderful. Very helpful and did a great job! Would order every time only and totally recommend them.

  3. Lenalo123

    Perfect work! Couldn’t be happier 🙂 Thanks for making this work out for me and my family,

  4. Bernardo Luke

    Great, the response was just what I needed, with clear instructions regarding how I needed to achieve what I was trying to achieve.

  5. Nas peters

    Pallet Retails has been incredibly easy to use for my company and our clients. Really enjoy the functionality and customer support is great too.

  6. Nela prime

    Great to work with. Just wish it was easier for a customer to leave a Google review.

  7. Kent Oglesby

    Timely and thorough

  8. Christina Jordan

    Their response to my inquiry was very helpful. Their insight helped me to solve the issue I was experiencing quickly.

  9. Kiki B

    Reliable and I appreciate quick delivery too…

  10. Chris

    As a company I rely on accurate delivery of my pallets delivered in a timely manner. I experienced both from my last pallet delivery.

  11. Bryan

    Good. Great parcel maintenance, arrived all in good condition.

  12. Bryan

    Good. Great parcel maintenance.

  13. Durrel

    So far it is going very well. Anthony was a big help in seeing us through

  14. Sassy

    Great, the team was responsive and was able to solve the problem in a short time.

  15. Pascal

    Product is great and so is technical

  16. Susanne

    I got support the same day. Great customer service.

  17. Jenny perry

    The experience was very pleasant.

  18. Dwyane

    Greart. ..I feel greart. So greart.

  19. Kranuim

    Response was quick and all issues resolved in record time. THANK YOU

  20. Gracie

    Very pleased with the service, delivery aswell, pallets came in as was said…

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