General Merchandise


General Merchandise

(22 customer reviews)


We have a huge inventory on general merchandise liquidation by
truckloads & pallets. These are mixed products and assortments of
general merchandise. A truckload or pallet of mixed general
merchandise can contain any of the items that can be seen in a
standard department store. You will always find the best offers
General Merchandise-Wholesale Supplier
We have a variety of products ranging from housewares, apparel, toys,
cosmetics, bedding, electronics, pet products, baby items, home decor,
sporting goods, lawn and garden items, and so much more.
, all in neat condition and ready to be worn. Our merchandise comes in
big pallets or huge truckloads, the bigger is the haul the lower are
the price and they are the best prices to find the market.



Status: Available
Condition: Clearance, Closeouts, Returns, Shelf Pulls
Approx number of pallets: 224
Distribution agreement required: Yes
Shipping Area: Worldwide
Truck Load/Pallet : $400 – $20,000

22 reviews for General Merchandise

  1. Emilia West

    Awesome enterprise!

  2. Carlson

    My THANKS is so special

  3. Carlos

    The more I clear my goods the more I order

  4. Caria

    Oh my God how do I explain this? I found extras in my pallets should I be grateful or guilty?

  5. Sam

    Arrived in good shape thanks

  6. Karl

    Looking forward to order something bigger than my first order

  7. Kane

    Funny how I was expecting my shampoo’s to be all thrown out but were well parceled great job to the parceling team

  8. Azis Demlo

    World wide indeed.
    Recommending from Pakistan

  9. Akfred

    If you intend having a fast turn over business then Pallet Retails is your sourcing limits

  10. Aladeen

    Good Good my friend

  11. Anais

    Great liquidating company

  12. Bakary Alza

    May Allah give you strength to continue this good work

  13. Balbine

    Shoes were looking cuter than the pics thou

  14. Kilian

    Merci pour l’excellente livraison et d’avoir respecté les délais

  15. Bella

    Words can’t express thanks for keeping your words

  16. Bevity

    Great timing

  17. Nature boy

    Manifested pallets came in all exact as manifested

  18. Bri

    Thanks so much for my pallets got them in good condition

  19. Bucho

    Never had such a delivery so pure

  20. Nelly


  21. Britta

    Adorable company

  22. Sorel

    Experts in timing

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